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8-bit Raptor Run Cycle
Just a little something for a little something I'm working on. More info will come in due time.
If you wonder why the tongue is black, you can thank my parrot for that.

I really hope I didn't get the sickle claw dynamics wrong... I'm gonna swoop in and edit the legs later either way, so feel free to let me know if they are.

Sprites and animation by :icongardow:
Raptor Jousting by Gardow
Raptor Jousting
The title says it all really. Inspired by the Dinotopia Skybax airjousting. They may not be flying, but those raptors have got some mad hops...

Pixel art by :icongardow:
Must go faster - Jurassic Pixels by Gardow
Must go faster - Jurassic Pixels
Yay more Jurassic Park meets Dino Run!

I had a lot of fun with this one. I had already done a T. rex before, but not the JP box face. It may not be accurate, but I can't help but love the design. The little thick stripes matter a lot more than you'd think...
At first the T. rex was much greener, but them I remembered all dinosaurs on the island were female, and the green T. rex was the male from Lost World. I also tried to show a storm brewing in the distance.
I think this may be the first car I've ever made pixel art of. The young me would be proud.

Trees and foliage from Dino Run 2 by Pixel Jam
All the rest by :icongardow:

I also updated the first piece to inlcude the Jurassic Pixels logo.
Welcome To Jurassic Pixels - Dino Run fanart by Gardow
Welcome To Jurassic Pixels - Dino Run fanart
Download for full view.

So I've been using the Dino Run pieces I've made lately as a cycle of wallpapers, and it reminded me of when I used to have a cycle of Jurassic Park wallpapers. Then a little voice in my head went "why not both?", so expect to see more of these. Maybe even some Dinotopia stuff.

I decided the first of these should be the first time you see a dinosaur in the movie. Brachiosaurus may not have been the all-time biggest of its kind, but JP certainly made us feel like it was. The trees are a lot fuller than in the scene, but I don't want to trim them down.

Jurassic Park © Univeral Pictures
Backdrop from Dino Run by Pixeljam, fan art by :icongardow:
Dinosaur Laser Fight - NSP meets Dino Run by Gardow
Dinosaur Laser Fight - NSP meets Dino Run
Download for full view. For the maximum experience, listen to this magnificent song:

Ever since I started these Dino Run pieces I've been warming up to do this one. Ninja Sex Party is one of my favourite bands, and I just love the song Dinosaur Laser Fight. How could I not do this?
I based the dinosaurs sharks robots and aliens on the ones that appear in the video. Even the "Welcome to Space" sign makes an appearance! I'd also like to note that Saturn took longer to recreate than I thought, but in the end it was worth it.

They seem to be having trouble aiming though... Only the robot can maneuver  in space after all.

Concept by Ninja Sex Party, designs by Egoraptor.
Fan Art by :icongardow:


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